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Man to... Man? Story concern

Hello All -

I am posting to let you all know - those who would think to check, that there has been a glitch at TPP concerning M2M. I keep getting the following emails:

Dear sara lady dalian,

I am pleased to let you know that your story, Man to... Man? : Chapter 1, was validated by notsosaintly.

Thank you for your submission, and I hope that you will continue to choose The Petulant Poetess as one of the places with which to post your stories. The site is kept alive through quality stories submitted by authors like you.

For your reference, here is the direct link to your story: http://www.thepetulantpoetess.com/viewstory.php?sid=16445

Keep on writing!
The Headmistress

I am aware of the problem and have contacted the Headmistress twice and LITC once. Since the second chapter of M2M is in the Q, I am concerned that an email like this will go out every time it moves up in the Q ranks like it has today.

Please accept my humblest appologies and accept this excerpt from Chapter 2 along with a box of my best virtual truffles.

Though most of the students could guess Professor Snape had a temper, very few had ever seen it in full force. Severus had grown very good at hiding the storm that raged inside him, most of the time. But this insolent Gryffindor was lowering the walls separating his freckles from Severus' fury very quickly.

Sara Lady Dalian

Merry Christmas!

Hello All -

I wanted to wish you all a very happy holidays. We've had our presents and had our dinner. My mother as well as my cousin and his wife were here. The kids had a good christmas, and I am proud that even though there were fewer presents this year, the kids don't seem to notice.

One very funny thing did happen. My son, every time we go to Cracker Barrel Old Time Country Store and Restaurant, has to play checkers. He plays there; he plays on the computer at hom. He did not have a board of his own, however. This christmas my husband made him a board and checker set of his own. On one side was the checker board and the other side was a large tic-tac-toe board. Raymond's grandmother bought him a checker set. His uncle (my cousin) and his wife bought him a checker/chess/tic-tac-toe set. He should be set.

I hope you all have a good rest of the year. And - here's hoping your new year is twice as plentiful and blessed as this past one. We could all probably use it.


Snakes in the Lion's Den

Snakes in the Lion's Den

The wireless was playing softly in the background. It was the only sound in the house and grounds that was soft, even the snow was blowing loudly around the house. With twenty-three people cooped up at the Burrow, having been in each other's pockets for six days already, softness and civility were at a new all-time low. People were sleeping in shifts, sharing rooms with people they wouldn't normally even consider sharing with. Even pairs were griping with each other. And tomorrow was Christmas.
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Have you ever noticed that...

After you are looking for something and can't find it, when you give up the search, and replace the item, or make some other decision regarding the item, that you find what you were looking for to begin with?

That sounds convoluted, but here is what happened: My mother asked me to see if I could find her a new homeowners insurance company that would also write her car insurance. I looked and looked, but we couldn't find anything suitable. So she paid the premium with her old insurance company. Today. Then, when I got home from dropping off her check at the insurance company, I get home to find the mailman had just delivered a flyer from an insurance company that says they write both home and car.

Go Figure!

*sigh... but at least we've got it to check on for next year.

A new game addiction

Hello All -

Last night on the TPP chat boards, one of the ladies mentioned that she played this online game called FarmVille. Being the curious sort, I had to check it out to see what it was about. I have developed a budding addiction to this funky little game. *sigh... But I do not know who to blamethank.

If anyone plays and would like to add me as a neighbor, my name there is the same as it is here "saraladydalian".

This is all - I'm off to harvest my strawberries.


Quick question

Poll #1496960 How many store-bought toys for kids?

How many store-bought toys is it o.k. to give to kids?

1-3 - It's better to just give a few.
4-6 - Fewer is just cheap.
7-10 - Kids can always use more stuff.
11- up - Too much is never enough!


I have bought the last of my store bought gifts today. I still have to buy the ones from the grandparents (they provide the money for those) but ours are bought. Each of the kids got two store bought gifts, and I am making the rest.

Notice, I didn't say that the made gifts were done. *sigh... I still have quite a few of those left to do. I am going to get their christmas crayons done this evening or tomorrow evening; the ring toss game is half done (I just need to finish the bottle). The family picture card game is still in the works because I haven't gotten all the photos in yet. I also still have to get photos of our family to add (read mine and my mother's). One thing that is really getting behind is the blankets I am wanting to make them. They're very time consuming and hard on the hands to make. I am also making my mother and daughter a nearly identical phone holder for their cell phones. No, the baby doesn't have a real phone but she has several play phones that she pretends to talk and "write her email" on.

I hope it will all go as well as I want it to.

I just want you all to know...

that it is too frickin' cold here! It's 55 F (12.7 C according to Google), the wind is blowing, it's wet, overcast, and too frickin' cold! *Ugh! I think I'll make some chili.

I'm A Moon! Yippie!

These things are fun, even though they are off in places. Have you ever wondered why some of them can be so RIGHT even about things you never talk about? To see what Tarot card I am (the pic is beautiful) click right hereCollapse )

Happy Birthday PJ! A Story Just For You

Title: An Early Christmas for Severus...and Hermione

One morning in early December, Severus Snape, feared Potions master at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, was behaving very oddly. You see, he had been looking for his Christmas presents for two weeks. He knew his beloved, list-making, anal wife already had her shopping done. He knew her presents were wrapped; he had found a stray bit of gaudy paper under his chair almost a month ago. All that was left was to find her hiding place.

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